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Other Considerations & Services

Despite what is written, making a Will is never as ‘easy’ as most people think it is. In our experience even the most straight forward Wills can and do have areas that need to thought about and discussed. – Read more

Dying without a Will

If you are married and the estate is worth less than £250,000?
The surviving spouse/civil partner gets everything – Read more

Lasting Power of Attorney

Update on LPA fees : from 1st October 2013 registration fees for each LPA is being reduced from £130.00 to £110.00. Great news from the Office of Public Guardian (OPG) – Read more

Appointing Guardians

Why appointing Guardians is so important – Appointing Guardians for your children who are under 18 years ensures they are cared for by people you decide and that are in their best interests. – Read more

Wills Storage

Making a Will is essential but the ability to locate the Will when needed is paramount. – Read more

Will Review

Wills should be reviewed every few years (in our opinion every 4-5 years) or when major events happen in life. It is not correct to assume that once a Will is done, it never needs to be looked at again. – Read More

When Should You Change Your Will?

The following are typical situations when you should change the Will: – Read More


There are various types of Trusts that can be created both inside your Wills and separately, these are used to protect against and mitigate such things as Care Home Fees, Inheritance Tax, Property, Protection of Disabled Children’s future benefits etc. – Read more


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