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Wills should be reviewed every few years (in our opinion every 4-5 years) or when major events happen in life. It is not correct to assume that once a Will is done, it never needs to be looked at again. If you do not take into account some of the major events in your life, your Will could either be invalid or may not now reflect your current wishes.

At Balance Consultancy we can review your Will (new or old) completely FREE OF CHARGE. In most cases we find there is nothing to change and the Will is perfectly fine for now. However you must take that responsibility and have the review done.

If you would like the Will to be reviewed by us, simply scan and send the Will by email to with a brief background about yourself.  We will then review the document and reply back with further questions or comments. It is very simple.

If you do not have email access, simply post us a copy at:

Balance Consultancy Limited
Devonshire House
582 Honeypot Lane
Middlesex HA7 1JS

The service is completely confidential.