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Making a Will is essential but the ability to locate the Will when needed is paramount. You’ve invested time and money in getting your Will done – is the safest place to leave it, amongst your papers at home? Your Will dictates your wishes and helps make things simpler for your loved ones who you leave behind. Therefore keeping the document at home and risking it becoming damaged, lost or destroyed, perhaps isn’t the right thing for arguably one of the most valuable documents you’ll ever create.

At Balance Consultancy, through its affiliation with Kings Court Trust ,we can arrange Will storage for you COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE if we draft your Will/s.

Upon taking storage instructions, we will provide the Executors with details of where they are stored and the account number / reference number for them to gain access to the document quickly and hassle free.

Why store with us:

* safe / secure / dry storage  – PROTECTED FROM RISK

* your Executors know exactly where the Will is – simple phone call to retrieve the Will at the time of death

* lost / damaged Wills can have severe consequences

* help for Executors if required

All our documents are stored with a specialist storage company called Restore to give you a complete peace of mind that your documents are stored safely and securely.

About Restore

kct storage

* Experience : have been storing documents since 1954

* Trust : 100% commitment to high service standards and a track record that is second to none

* High level of security : as you would expect of such a business.

* Confidence : all documents are individually barcoded and retrievable on demand. Electronic tracing and tracking software systems are in operation to you complete peace of mind.

Do contact us if the storage service is of interest.